Common Fridge Problems

If you’ve got a fridge that is acting up, it is vital to take action right away to make the repairs. Else, you risk losing every single food you are storing inside. There are a couple of common issues that happen in fridges. Some of these issues can be dealt with the homeowners. However, a lot of them are best handled by appliance repair Henderson NV professionals.

Fridge Not Getting Cold Enough

Your first step should be to examine the temperature setting if you are having issues with the fridge being warm. Else, the issue is probably with the condenser coils. If this is the case, contact an expert right away.

Excessive Sound

Every fridge makes a bit of sound whenever they are running. However, if your fridge is making more sounds than it should be, you might have to contact an expert for help. The problem can be issues with the compressor, evaporator fan, or motors.

The Buildup of Ice in the Freezer

Though your freezer should always be cold, there should not be any accumulation of ice on the surfaces or walls. This can be a result of a leak in the seal or leaving the door open too long. This enables humidity to get inside the fridge. You can contact an expert to replace the seal or deal with any other problems that can cause the buildup of frost and ice in the freezer.

Water Dispenser Not Working

This can be a problem with a frozen water tub if your fridge has a built-in water dispenser and it isn’t working. You can disconnect this and thaw it. Unfortunately, there can be a couple of mechanical problems causing the issue. This needs to be checked and fixed by an expert.

Water Leaks

It’s common for a fridge to have a water leak. The source can be a clogged defrost drain or clogged/frozen water supply line. You might be able to fix it by getting rid of the particles if the issue is the defrost drain. Run soap and hot water through the defrost drain hose. If the issue is the water supply line, turn off your fridge and close the shutoff valve. Then, examine the line for tears or breaks. You will require an expert to come in and make the repairs if any are present.

Fridge Running Constantly

Your fridge should only operate as required to keep the interior cool. If the fridge is cycling regularly, it shows that there is an issue with the unit’s efficiency. It will lead to a huge increase in your utility bill. This is often the result of too much debris or dust on the condenser coils. Thus, it will help if you clean out those coils. However, if the issue continues, you might have the temperature set too low. Else, you can call an appliance repair technician if these solutions don’t work.

If you’ve got a problem with your fridge and you don’t know what the issue is, hiring a professional repair technician is your best bet.