Having lush green grass and a freshly minted lawn is one of the best ways to put a finishing touch on the home. However, as planting from seed needs a lot of skill, patience, and time from you, some sod installation can offer a finished product efficiently. The list below highlights some of the advantages of sod installation Lakeland that every property owner must consider if they want a new swath of lush grass in their landscaping.   


Seeds should be planted at a specific time of the year based on the grass being nurtured. However, you can install sod whenever the ground isn’t frozen to give you a more maximized timeframe to set up your new lawn.   

Success rate  

As you plant grass from seed, you cannot guarantee to be successful with it. Several property owners have torn up their lawn to begin something new just to be left with an unsightly, muddy, and patchy mess. However, with sod installation, you can make sure that you’ll have a brand-new lawn with total coverage.   

Less patchwork  

Once a lawn is newly seeded, it usually fills in other spots well but not as well in others, requiring you to do some post-seeding patchwork. Expect that a sodded lawn is evenly installed without bare spots remaining.   


Developing grass from seed would need the appropriate temperature and the proper amount of moisture. When your lawn experiences too much cold, too much heat, or too much rain, it can go haywire more rapidly than it took for it to establish. Fortunately, sod is quire more resilient and can withstand unexpected weather conditions better once installing.   


For seeds to develop to a healthy height, it may take several weeks to achieve that and many more for them to set a root system. However, you can have sod installed in less than 24 hours, which is great if you want to give your lawn an instant facelift.   


You need to water freshly planted seeds pretty heavily for the first couple of weeks, as you keep up a fine balance act between not enough or too much water. However, freshly installed sod does not come with almost similar watering needs.   

Erosion control  

Grass can help control erosion, and since sod is completely mature from the day it’s set up, it starts to do its job right away. As you let new grass develop from seed, one extreme rainstorm can make standing water and water runoff that causes your terrain to erode.   

Heat reduction  

Turf is especially favorable for property owners who live in extreme temperatures since it can absorb heat. Once contrasted to concrete and asphalt, sod is a lot cooler. Not only it minimizes heat, but it also reduces greenhouse gasses by penetrating the carbon dioxide. Simultaneously, sod can cool the air by emitting oxygen.   

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